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More on Jones Oil Engine Corp.


'Left: An ad for a Jones Oil engine, claiming that it saved 80 percent on fuel cost. '

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There was indeed a Jones oil engine built in Syracuse, N.Y., during the late teens and early 20s. I don't believe there were very many, but I own a 4 HP. I know of a second 4 HP and I have talked with a scuba diver who has seen a third engine mounted on a sunken barge in the St. Lawrence River near Clayton, N.Y. I don't know the horsepower, but the diver said it looked very much like mine. I have been told there is a fourth one in Florida, but that covers a lot of ground and I don't have any names.

I don't have a good photo at this time of my engine. We get a little snow here, so it will be a while before I can get one.

I am sending all the material I have on Jones.

Barry Mugglin
630 County Route 4
Central Square, NY 13036