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Jones Oil Engine Corp.


Below and right: Proof from Woody Sins that Jones Oil Engine Corp. made at least one engine.

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Concerning the stock certificates from Jones Oil Engine Co. that Clyde Joscelyn sent in (April 2006): Here is a scan of a photocopy of a Jones Oil Engine Co. catalog, and a photo I took of a partially complete Jones oil engine about 20 years ago. So to answer Clyde's question, Jones Oil Engine Co. was apparently a real corporation that sold at least one engine.

A couple of notes: First, the engine in the catalog and the one in the picture are very different creatures. Second, both styles are a bit like oil engines made (possibly) and sold by the Geo. D Pohl Co. of Vernon, N.Y.

Woody Sins
3 Edna Terrace
New Hartford, NY 13413