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If you make the Internet a part of your daily routine, you'll want to rev up your computer and fine-tune your browser, because the new and improved Gas Engine Magazine website is now online at www.GasEngineMagazine.com

More than simply a DuPont restoration, we started with a clean sheet of paper when we overhauled our website. With cleaner graphics, enhanced content and easy-to-find menu bars, our website is a must on any engine collector's list of Internet "favorites."

And to make sure our site is a must see, we've added a series of forums tailored for collectors and restorers. We've included individual forums for tractor collectors, gas engine collectors, steam engine fans, scale and model engine fans - even a forum dedicated to all the other old iron that falls between the cracks and defies catagorizing.

Taking a page directly from the magazine, we've tagged our scale and model engine forum "Modeler's Corner," and our very own Rusty Hopper will be checking in to share his tips and help other scale and model engine fans with their projects.

I'll be chiming in as well, enjoying the chats, sharing information and otherwise just shooting the breeze with collectors around the country and the world.

And don't forget our recently launched Farm Collector Online Show Directory. Featuring selected shows from around the country, the Online Show Directory is an easy way to prepare your calendar. You can build your own custom list of shows and get automatic e-mails to remind you when the shows you're waiting for are about to take place.

Not only that, you'll also find links to the clubs hosting the shows you're interested in, plus driving directions - all just a click away, without leaving home.

All in all, it's a great way to stay in contact with other old-iron fans and to keep tabs on what's going on in the hobby around the country. So log in today if you haven't already, and share in the growing online community of old-iron enthusiasts.

Richard Backus


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