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'Tractors on parade at the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. '

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How it suddenly came to be late spring is beyond me. I thought it was just yesterday that I was getting ready to start the new year, yet here I am, frantically trying to finalize plans for all the engine shows I want to hit this year. And the frustrating thing is, I can't make 'em all.

One show I won't miss is the 55th Annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Sept. 1-5. And I won't be alone, because this year we're planning on having most of the staff from Gas Engine Magazine and sister publications Farm Collector and Steam Traction on hand for the event.

So what's the big occasion? Well, for starters Mt. Pleasant is arguably one of the biggest and best farm shows in the country, featuring a dizzying array of engines, tractors and steam traction engines - not to mention the hundreds of other displays scattered around the grounds.

This year's reunion also represents our first appearance as an official sponsor of the show, and we're more than a little excited about climbing on board and working together with the great folks at Mt. Pleasant.

With our tent set up right across from the official Mt. Pleasant information booth, we'll be hard to miss, and we're looking forward to visiting with readers who make the trek to Iowa. So look for our banners, stop by, take a break and visit for a bit - we're looking forward to seeing you.

For show information, check the Farm Collector Show Directory or contact the Midwest Old Threshers at; (319) 385-8937; info@oldthreshers.org or www.FarmCollector.com/MtPleasant

Taking a Break

Regular readers will no doubt notice the absence this issue of Harry Matthew's regular infusion of conversation from his online forum SmokStak (www.smokstak.com), which has been a standard feature in GEM for the past four years.

Those of you who know Harry also know how busy he stays keeping the various forums he hosts working smoothly. Harry's put an enormous amount of energy into the hobby with his websites, and this summer he's decided to make his life a little easier by letting loose of a few tasks, among them supplying our monthly injection of conversation from the SmokStak forum. Too bad for us, but good for Harry, and with any luck we'll have him back at the conclusion of the show season.

Richard Backus


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